What is the blue dot on a register account? (Q Mac)

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What is the blue dot on a register account?


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    The blue dot in the sidebar indicates that you have either (1) unreviewed downloaded or matched transactions within the register -or- (2) newly downloaded transactions. To switch between these two options, click the three dot (...) icon at the top of the sidebar and then Sidebar Activity Options. 

    For option (1), the blue dot will remain as long as there are any blue icons (pencils or dots) in the Status column within the register indicating non-reviewed, downloaded transactions. If you don't see the Status column (the one with the black dot at the top), click menu View > Columns to add it. To see only non-reviewed transactions, click the Any Status popup menu and then Not Reviewed. To mark transactions as Reviewed, click the blue status icon and select Reviewed. Or select several transactions at once, then click menu Transactions > Set Status to > Reviewed.

    For option (2), the blue dot will appear any time there are newly downloaded transactions and will go away as soon as you visit that register, whether or not you mark the transactions as reviewed.
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