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I have my bills added to Quicken along with reminders. In using online banking, I schedule my monthly bills and they are paid. When I update my account, those bills clear in the register. Nothing unusual about this process, I'm like everyone else out there. I would like to add a way to see "stages" in the processing of those bills. Process I'd like to see (if possible):

1. Add accounts/bills to Quicken along with reminders (existing)
2. Use online banking to schedule my bills (existing) / or use Quicken if you have that version
3. When I update my accounts in Quicken, pull the schedule info and update the reminder to "scheduled" with the amount scheduled (new step) - this gives me a way to see what is scheduled and how much
4. When the bills are paid, reconcile and clear (existing)

I'm only asking to add that 1 step, but this info can be used in reporting as well. It will provide me with a way to see what is upcoming vs pending vs paid for a particular month. I'm sure there are other good reasons to do this, but this is my use case.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    One method that might accomplish what you are looking for is to click on All transactions at the top of the Accounts bar. This shows transactions for all your accounts on one screen.

    You can choose accounts to include, or limit the accounts to All checking if you don't want to see credit card transactions. If you just want to see the current month, pick This month for the date range.

    Transactions that have been paid will be marked "c" or "R" in the Clr column. Future transactions will be below the blue line. 
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