Lifetime Planner: add an "exclude this" tag

Setting up the living expenses portion of the Lifetime Planner can be challenging. It is category-based, so the default is to get all of a category's expenses included or manually adjust those expenses. I have a lot of categories, and to get future estimates as accurate as possible, I must review all those categories for applicability of past events to the future.
There are one-time expenses which could be more easily excluded. For example, my Medical:Doctors category might be unusually large due to an emergency appendectomy. Given that probably won't happen again next year, I'd like to tag the appendectomy-related transactions (and all other transactions which won't apply in the future) with an "ExcludeFromLTP" tag and have them be automatically excluded from the expenses list. This would be much easier than having to scan the list of expenses and manually edit it into shape.

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