Corrupt Bank Balances

Upon attempting to reconcile bank for Jan 2022, I noticed the amount did not match the last reconcile. After numerous hours of investigating, the "opening balances" of both checking and savings accounts were $252.52 and $300 more respectively compared to a few backups. Still trying a few more backups for comparison. Ended up making a spreadsheet to compare dates and balances. I successfully reconciled a credit card and the figures were to the "penny". Nothing is making sense yet about the bank accounts. I have also double checked my banking activity and it is accurate. I think there was a recent Quicken Update was responsible for the corruption. I also have been talking with Support and they have no solutions at this time. I told them I would continue to investigate with other backups. I have been a Quicken user since the DOS version back in 1990 and have NEVER seen anything like this. My current version is R40.21 of Windows-based. I'm very anal about my finance organization and want to get to the bottom of this problem.


  • TTSguy
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    ALWAYS check the beginning balances in your register accounts when you suspect corruption, and do that first!
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