Create some rhyme or reason to the value axis points in the Bills & Income projected balance

Tom Auer
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I like showing the projected balance for my primary account (checking) for the next 90 days, as it shows where I could have a cash-flow problem coming. But, what crazy algorithm does Quicken use to set the value axis points?! One of my current axis labels is $5,136.81, and the maximum label is well over twice the highest number projected. The value axis should scale to slightly exceed the projected high and low balances, and should use round numbers (for example, $500 or $1,000) for the value axis labels and horizontal gridlines. I'm surprised this user interface issue has been allowed to remain unchanged for so long.
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  • UKR
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    Can you recreate and repost the image, please? It's too wide and appears to have been cut off, showing no vertical axis labels.

  • Tom Auer
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    UKR, I respectfully decline to do that, both because that would show more detail on my finances than I want to post publicly, and because I think I described the issue clearly enough. The two main points: the maximum was chosen inappropriately, and then intervals are quite odd.
  • Alexander Bray
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    The plot is showing the next 90 days projection agains the last 90 days of spend. The last 90 days of spend is automatically hidden, however the plot scaling seems to account for this hidden information. There is a small "picture graph" icon in the upper left portion of the plotting screen just below the "number of days" pull-down selection box. If you click on this, the past 90 day information shows up and you can see how this is affecting the plot. Selecting 6 months or a year also pulls up the past 6 months or year's information respectively. This can be quite confusing as it is not well documented.
  • Alexander Bray
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    I would like the see the plot scaled to the visible data, and not the hidden information.