Make sales tax calculations easier (Q Mac)

Quicken used to have a feature that it should re-introduce: you could enter a purchase amount and a keypad shortcut, and it would automatically enter the total purchase price plus the corresponding State sales tax. Was it called QuickenMath? PLEASE RE-INTRODUCE.
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  • Jon
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    Sales taxes around here vary from city to city and even store to store - there are almost 2500 different tax districts in Missouri alone. There are also different tax rates for individual items depending on whether or not they are considered food. I don't see how Quicken could possibly know what overall tax rate to apply to a given purchase.
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  • jacobs
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    @Jon The good thing is that Quicken doesn't need to know the tax rates! In the feature which @jcpitarque is referring to — called QuickMath in the venerable Quicken Mac 2007 and earlier — a user could assign any keystroke they wanted to an operation and an amount. Most people used it for sales taxes when splitting a transaction. For instance, you could apply "t" to * 1.06 in order to add 6% sales tax when pressing "t" in an amount field.

    In my case, I have Pennsylvania as my primary sales tax, so I assigned that to "t", but I also sometimes have purchases in Philadelphia, which has a higher 8% tax, so I assigned * 1.08 to "p", and I sometimes have purchases in New Jersey, which has a 6.625% sales tax, so I assigned * 1.06625 to "n".

    It was simple to set up and simple to use. If you often split a cost with someone else, you could assign a key to ÷ 2, or if you have two roommates, you could set up a key for ÷3. It allowed up to 10 different calculations to be set up; I'd guess most Quicken users didn't use more than a handful, but a few people wanted even more.  

    @jcpitarque There is an existing idea thread of users asking the Quicken Mac developers to create a similar feature in the current Quicken Mac. Please take a few seconds to click on this link and add your vote in favor of this feature. (In the yellow box under the first post, click the little black arrow under the vote counter; the arrow will change to light gray when. your vote is registered.) Voting for ideas on this site is the primary way users have to indicate to the development team which features have widespread support, so more votes always help.
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