CUSIP for corporate Bonds and TBills

Should be able to enter the CUSIP when purchasing a corporate bond or Treasury into a portfolio. The confusing thing is the Security List inside Quicken has a column for CUSIP, but there is no known way to add that to a Bond nor look up a bond using the CUSIP. Given that a CUSIP is a unique identifier like a ticker symbol, this should be standard functionality within Quicken.
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    Quicken uses the CUSIP ID to match securities from the financial institution - that includes transactions, share balances, and quotes.  

    Quicken uses the ticker symbol to pull prices from the third-party quote service.

    Quicken relies on a unique value for a security used by the financial institution to identify the security in the Quicken file.  Quicken refers to this field as the CUSIP ID.  When Quicken receives a CUSIP ID that it is not already bound to a security in Quicken, Quicken will prompt us to associate the security with a new security or a security that is not already assigned a CUSIP ID.  To clear the CUSIP ID assigned to a security, we may uncheck Matched with online security on the Edit Security Details window of the security and the next time Quicken processes an unbound CUSIP ID, the security should be available to be matched.  For publicly traded securities, the CUSIP ID should be the same as the CUSIP number.