"Scheduled Transactions" window available under the Window Pulldown Menu (Q Mac)

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In January I switched to quicken for Mac from Quicken Premier for Windows and I am really warming up to the Mac user interface and functionality. There are many things I like better on the Mac version.

I have a suggestion:

Under the "Window" pull-down menu, please include a window for "Scheduled Transactions" somewhat similar to (but better than) the "Reminders" window in Quicken for Windows.

This Mac window would allow me to view, sort (all columns), and edit my scheduled transactions in a nice consolidated list format. I have a multitude of scheduled transactions and I would find this feature very useful.

Please ensure that this "Scheduled Transaction" window will also sort on the accounts associated with the scheduled transactions so that I can group by accounts in case I need to change my Vendor Auto Pay due to a number change on one of the accounts. This account sorting feature is not in the windows version...

Thank you, and keep up the great work!
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