Remove Default for Rent Month

Please remove the logic that defaults to advancing the next rent month after a rental transaction has been recorded. Currently, the only way to fix this is to reset the rental start date. I suspect that the Rental Property Manager module is used by small rental portfolio owners and/or their staff and not by any rental management company of any medium to large unit sizes. I imagine this was done to be "helpful", but it's actually very much the opposite based on the experiences I've had and the time I've wasted fixing errors in recording because of this.

Current Behavior:
The application defaults the first rental income transaction from within the Rental Property Management module to start when the first month's rent is due. It then moves the default date for the next rental income transaction to the next rental payment due date.

When a tenant makes partial payments, each rental income transaction recorded causes the next payment date to move forward a month causing the property manager to have to change the date when entering the transaction and any rental receipts generated. If they forget to check this, they then have to go back and make correct all of this manually.

Fix Proposed:
Stop defaulting the next payment date to the next rent payment due date. Instead, default it to the current date like is done everywhere else in Quicken. This would ensure that rent is attributed to when it is received and proper reporting within various reports and for quarterly and annual tax reporting.
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