Add some way to tell if the transfer is "matched" to a downloaded transaction in the other account.

Background: I download all checking account transactions and all credit card transactions. I make sure the bill is paid by having the electronic payment from the checking account directly transfer into the correct credit card account. I started doing this in Quicken for Windows a couple decades ago and it has worked well, except now I have to force the match between the two accounts by making sure the dates are exact and jumping through hoops. Since I have to do this with several different cards, I don't always know which accounts have been successfully matched to a transaction on the Transfer account.

Request: Could you add some kind of field to the display of the checking account (and perhaps also the credit card accounts) to show that the transfer has been successfully matched to the downloaded transaction in the other account? This will help prevent duplicate transactions from the transfer ending up next to the downloaded transaction.
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  • MeMyself&I
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    Or, barring that, add the ability to merge the downloaded transaction and the "created" transaction from the transfer into one new transaction, so things don't get duplicated!
  • NotACPA
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    You can simply drag and drop the txn in  the other register into the correct register.  The match with the download should happen automatically.
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