Why isn't 2022 Tax Planner not saving my preference updates?

Qkn Junkie
Qkn Junkie Member ✭✭
Tax planner (TP) is including the SCHEDULED transactions for regular income (like salary and IRA/SSA, even withholding) which it should, BUT I also have SCHEDULED transactions for interest, dividend, STCG and LTCG. I go thru the "next" routine to tell the TP to include those SCHEDULED transactions in each of those income categories and the TP then includes these scheduled transactions in that screen and when I return later to TP summary page. Everything looks correct. BUT..... I close the TP and reopen it, and the scheduled transactions for interest, dividend, STCG and LTCG are no longer included in my TP projections. the TP is not saving my previous preferences (to use scheduled transactions for these income sources). I've been using Quicken TP for years and have not had this problem.
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