Set payee> choose Amount deducted.

Maybe give us the ability to choose amount of check as who payee should be? Many payments auto etc are always same but bank messes up!
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    Are you talking about auto-assigning a Payee Name based on the amount of the paper check you wrote?
    Banks don't have Payee Name information for a paper check that you wrote. They only have the check number.
    Therefore, for best results, it's recommended that you record all paper checks that you write in your Quicken checking account register when you write them, including proper payee name, category, memo text, etc.
    A few days later, when the check clears the bank and a transaction arrives in your next download, Quicken can match the downloaded information to the already existing register transaction. If for some reason Quicken can't auto-match, you can drag and drop the downloaded transaction over the existing register transaction to effect a match.