Recalculation button for split transactions (Q Mac)

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There is an "adjust" in Quicken for Windows that is not present in Quicken for Mac. This is not just a mere oversight. It screws up the total of the first line in split transactions. I have figured out a manual override but there needs to be a recalculation button for split transactions. The price for both Quicken programs appears to be the same. The functionality should be equal for both as well. This is not a new issue. I spoke with Quicken support at least 5 years ago and it has not been addressed.
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  • Jon
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    Most Quicken Mac users are not familiar with Quicken Windows and will not be able to tell from this post what you are asking for. If you add a description of what exactly this feature will do, you are more likely to get additional votes supporting it.
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  • In Quicken for Windows - 

    If the "Split Total" does not equal the "Transaction Total", the "Adjust" button 
    makes the transaction total equal to the total of the splits by adding the "Remainder" to the transaction total.

  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Quicken Mac does the same thing, just without the Adjust button.

    Let's say you have a -$150 payment transaction, with splits of -$100 and -$50.
    • Open the transaction and edit the second spit from -$50 to -$70.
    • Quicken creates a third split line for $20, the amount of the remainder.
    • But if you don't want a new split, and want to change the transaction total, click the minus icon to the left of the third split to delete it.
    • Quicken now automatically adjusts the transaction total to -$170. Save it. 
    Clicking the minus sign to delete the extra split for the changed amount does the equivalent of clicking the Adjust button in Quicken Windows: it makes the transaction total amount become the sum of the remaining split lines. 
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