Include a dummy record of each available statement account balance along with new account activity

Through experience, I have found it is helpful to have the end of statement period account balance showing in each financial account in the "Memo" field. Whenever I receive a new statement balance, I enter a zero amount transaction for that statement date with a category of "Bal Adj". In the memo field I then enter "End of Statement Bal =??????" and input the actual statement balance to replace "??????".

Then, if my account gets out of balance for any reason, I only need to scroll to the earliest end of statement balance that is out of balance with the register balance on that same date and correct (add, delete or amend) the necessary transactions to put it back in balance.

This can save an incredible amount of time correcting a single account if the user makes a mistake or some other catastrophe occurs --- especially in old accounts and/or accounts with a large amount of transactions. Further, because an error in one account may be caused by an error in another, this method can help keep all transfer accounts in balance.

Suggestion : Encourage financial institutions to create a dummy record for each available prior statement showing at least the following information that should be readily available when the download of the usual new transactions are prepared:

Date : End Statement
Payee = Name of Financial Institution
Category = Bal. Adj.
Memo = End of Statement Bal = +/- #,###.##
Charge/Payment= 0

When a download is complete, the Quicken user should also see a screen or report listing the information on the "earliest" end of statement transaction on each account and the amount that it is out of balance with the register.

While this suggestion would have only minor benefit for me because I have already done the work to create the prior history, it would be extremely helpful to anyone who has not done something similar.
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