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I like the color-coded indicators next to accounts in the left column. However, sometimes they disappear when there are still uncleared transactions in the related account detail.

Whether this is a bug or a feature isn't the reason for this post. Rather, I'd like to be able to right-click on the account in the left column and set an indicator so I can go back to look at that account another time. It never clears unless I clear it myself.

I realize that Quicken may be saving the indicator color choices for future features. Why not set aside colors (even hashed colors) for user-defined flagging?
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  • jacobs
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    There is a preference setting which was introduced in version 6.5 in December which allows you to set how you want the account blue dots to work. Click the ••• icon at the top to the left sidebar to view to pop-up menu for configuring the sidebar. "Sidebar activity options" allows you to toggle between the blue highlight being for either (a) new transactions — for as long as Quicken considers them "new", after which the blue dot goes away on its own or for (b) unreviewed transactions (the blue dot will stay until you have marked all transactions in the account as Reviewed):

    As you may be aware, you can manually mark a transaction you want to review by clicking in the (blank) Status column to toggle on or off the flag to review the transaction. 

    So if you have the sidebar set to show accounts with unreviewed transactions, and you mark a transaction Flag for Review, that un-reviewed transaction will turn on the blue dot in the left sidebar.

    You can't have different colors of flags, but these two features otherwise give you the control I think you're asking for. 

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