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Just got the notice of a 15% increase in the annual price of Quicken Mac, effective today. Seems a lot for a program that still isn't quite what Quicken 2007 was -- or what Quicken for Windows today is.


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    Quicken Deluxe for Windows got the same increase today.
    In their justification for the increase, they state

    " We’ve added many new features to Quicken over the past two years, and we’re excited about our upcoming plans to make the software even better for you, providing more power and value than ever before."

    It would be good for Quicken to provide a list of the new features they've provided and a list of the upcoming features in planning.

    The subscription model was supposed to handle the cost of new features, but maybe they are losing subscribers rather than gaining them and the remaining subscribers are having to pay difference.
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    They are marketing to the monthly aware folks - but totally billed on an annual basis -
    Only you can judge if it is worth to purchase a yearly subscription of Quicken to help run your finances ?
    BUT - if you don't use any of the online features, or downloads - and can put up with a stolen screen space - don't renew.

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