Simplify getting a sum for selected budget items or payees

I've been using Quicken for over 20 years. I've made this request many times to no avail. What I'd simply like to be able to do is get a sum, of items that I select, directly from a list provided from the "Find" function. For example, I complete a "Find" search for my electric company and then, directly in from that list, select the period of time that I want a total (i.e. What were my total bills for the last 12 months or the previous calendar year?) I should be able to simply click on individual cells for the items that I want a sum and have it auto calculated while in the list. Another example would be "What were my total bills for a selected period of time for a selected budget category (i.e. utility bills).
This is a function that exists in MS Excel. Very easy to use.
Yes, I understand I can get these totals from the report's tabs, but it is too hard to use / requires too many mouse clicks.
If this is too hard to set up, how about providing users with the ability to download a file into Excel?
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    All of what you requested already exists.
    Please take a look at the image below. From the register you can click to select a transaction's payee name or a category field and, by clicking the Minireport icon pull up a mini report on the selected item. With a couple of clicks you can customize the report view to show different date ranges or pull up a more detailed report.

    You can also generate Easy Answer reports from the Reports Menu or the Reports & Graphs Center:
    "How much did I spend on [category]"
    "How much did I pay to [payee]"
    The generated reports can easily be extracted to Excel by clicking the report view's Export icon or the Print preview's Export choice.