Budget Improvement Suggestion (MAC)

I don't mind Quicken increasing fees, even though almost all of the onslaught of "improvements" that induce the fee raising seem trivial and leave me cold.

For once I'd like an improvement that I will actually use.

For example:

I think a critical improvement for the budget graph bars would be to actually show the value of the graph bar as a percentage of the total budget, rather than just a dollar amount.

As it is right now the bar graph for a category with a $100 budget has the same graphic appearance (its weight or value) as a $1,000 budget category graph bar. Thus overspending by $10 in a $100 category shows as having the same (graphic) value as overspending by $100 in a $1,000 category goal.

Yes, they are both 10% over budget, but one obviously has a much greater impact on the budget as a whole. In other words, regardless of how much of the total budget is apportioned to each category they all look the same in the current bar graph scheme!

This is not how bar graphs are supposed to work!

I think this is a poorly thought-out conceptualizing of a potentially useful budget graphic that makes no sense in terms of visually analyzing your budget for over/under-spending issues.

Seems overdue for an improvement, yes?

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    Hello @digital dance,

    Thank you for taking the time to reach out to the Community with your request.

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