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[Removed - Disruptive] It's mostly about attention to detail [Removed - Speculation] and concern for the user experience when developing an application. [Removed - Rant/Profanity] It doesn't prevent me from using Quicken. It just makes it less fun.

Various dialog boxes appear thoughout Quicken requesting input from the user. One example is when performing One-Step Update a financial organization might require a 2FA token in order to proceed and a dialog box appears with a text field allowing the user to enter the code that's just been texted or emailed to them. The Quicken user then has to access their mouse or touchpad and click into that field in order for it to gain focus to receive typed characters.

This may seem petty to you, but as I conceded earlier, it is an annoyance and an incredibly simple fix.

The request...take the necessary steps to ensure that editable fields within modal dialog boxes receive focus when the window is displayed.
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