Display All Investment Returns in Hundredths of Percent (Q Mac)

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It is financial industry standard (I mean, by everyone for everything) to convey investment returns in hundredths of percent (e.g. 5.49%). On the Investing main page, Quicken Mac displays the vast majority of their percentages only in tenths (e.g. 5.5%), although for the Daily Gain/Loss they for some reason chose to display hundredths. Recommend that the GUI be updated to display all Investment returns in hundredths of percent.
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    @usnavy1610 I'm not against this, but I'm curious how or whether it really matters that much. If one of your holdings has a gain of 21.77%, does it really impact you in any way if the screen shows a gain of 21.8%? Would that affect any investment decision? To me, showing hundredths instead of tenths feels inconsequential, but I'm interested to understand why this would be meaningful. 
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