Bill & Income Reminders STILL broken

running Quicken Deluxe v27.1.41.19 on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

This issue appeared over 6 months ago.
I used to be able to rely on 'Bill and Income Reminders' to alert me if a bill was coming due, but no more.
For about the last 6 months or so, the dates are all off.

On the rare occasion when it does show me a pop-up, asking if this is the current bill due, it will advance the next due date by TWO MONTHS, instead of just one like it used to.
Also, if I elect to 'skip' a payment (because maybe no payment is due this month), it does the same thing, it advances the next due date two months.

I've tried running Validate but it never finds anything wrong.
I've uninstalled and re-installed Quicken and still, no change.

The only suggestion I've seen offered here is to turn off Mobile Sync.
I've done that and it had no effect.
Bill and Income Reminders are still being advanced by TWO MONTHS.



  • ZaneP
    ZaneP Member
    When I use this feature to add a collection of repeating transactions every month, the due date for the reminder increases by 1 month for every transaction contained in the group. Frustrating bug.
  • JMack436
    JMack436 Member ✭✭
    Is this issue ever going to be addressed?
    It can't be that hard to verify.
  • Larry4
    Larry4 Member ✭✭✭
    Hey Quicken, you have several unanswered reminder bug reports, how about consolidating them and addressing the bug?
    I am also receiving this message when attempting to correct reminder dates that have set themselves to a some date far in the future.  The latest payment is in the past, the next payment should be in the following month, but it has skipped ahead 1-6 months and will not allow it to be corrected.  I am having to delete and re-enter these reminders to correct the issue, but within a month or two it again skips ahead.
  • chuckc197
    chuckc197 Member ✭✭
    Running Quicken R45.11. Bills and income has been broken for a while. When attempting to update online biller from Bills and Income, errors out with Quicken is still trying to connect to biller. Wait 24 to 48 hours and try again. Also places an Information icon next to biller as well as changes "enter" tab to "Fix It"