Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) tracking

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Treasury Inflation protected Securities value in my brokerage account are reported as current price x # of shares + accrued interest. 
Quicken doesn't seem to have a way to track the accrued interest of the bond and so I get an error message when updating asking me to update my # of bonds.
There should be a way to track the accrued interest or an option to calculate a price by current total value/# of shares.
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  • KatDavis
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    There needs to be a method for entering the CPI adjustment for TIPS purchased on the open market, in addition to the accrued interest, and then to make that adjustment every 6 months as it is earned. The CPI adjustment changes the par value of the bond on which the interest amount is computed. That amount is also affected by changes in the market price of the TIPs, so the holdings value changes with both market price changes and with CPI adjustments.