Savings goals needs a better interface

I upgraded from Quicken 2011 just a few days ago and I'm generally happy with it, except for how Savings Goals are handled. I use these extensively to make sure enough money is set aside to pay credit cards and other bills. Most can be handled with scheduled transactions, but some, the credit cards, require a lot of manual input to set aside money for each transaction.

The new version of the interface for Savings Goals is much less easy to use than the version from Q2011. I don't know when it changed, but it used to be a pop-up form in which one could select the from/to accounts via drop-down boxes. This could be minimized and then brought up over the credit card register as needed with the settings in place. The current set up (tab that requires one to leave the account register, default sorting to "date created," needlessly big graphics that require scrolling every time) is much less convenient, an unnecessary annoyance in an otherwise fine program. If a way could be found to bring back the pop-up form, or at least make it an option, that would be great.
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