Deleting stock options w/o deleting transactions

I have many old options that need to be removed from my holdings list, w/o deleting assigned transactions
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  • @rbtct - just curious, did you exercise these options, or did they expire?
  • Chris_QPW
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    If you hide the security, will that remove it from the holdings list?
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    If you're an active trader and/or your current investment account has many transactions pertaining to sold securities you may want to consider this:

    Archive Investment Transactions

    For about a year now, a new function has been available in Quicken, Archive Transactions. It will split your investment account register into two parts, leaving only those securities' transactions where you currently hold >0 shares in the active register. The rest is moved to a new Archive register within the current data file.

    Having less transactions in your active register might improve performance.

    Please read and carefully follow instructions here:
    Eventually, after a couple of years, you might consider splitting your data file in two (year-end archive), with all the archived investment transactions in the old file and none remaining in the active file. That would be the time to review and prune the Security List.

  • Anthony Fitzgerald
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    Hiding the security should work, but you'll have to un hide to get all the history.
    If you're long (Bought) the options when they expire, you can enter a sale with 0 proceeds
    If you're short, enter a CVRShort sale. this works for covered calls and buy/writes, but I make sure to assign the lots so the options don't appear in portfolio any more.