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My wife & I have the same CC for using. I use mine for work related purposes & she uses hers for personal. It is important for me monthly to 'put a Note' on hers to differentiate hers/mine. If I click (example) 10 transactions and then right click to 'Edit Transactions' & then go to the Replace window (drop down pulls up w/ a number of my Columns) - Notes does not pull up there so in one motion, I could make a note to put a note in the 'With' box area. That way I would only have to do it one time for multiple line items (just like if I were to do a Category assign to multiple line items. Please add NOTES to that dropdown menu option. Thanks.
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  • UKR
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    Have you considered using the Tag field instead? Or the Memo field?
    (You may have to add the Tag field/column to your credit card account register if it doesn't show already)
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    By any chance are these business expenses reimbursed by your employer?  If so, don't use a Category for them, but rather a TRANSFER to a "Reimbursables" account that you create.  Then, show the actual reimbursement as coming from that account into your checking to net it out.
    IF there's no reimbursement involved, then Tags is probably the way to go ... but you don't need to tag both yours and hers ... only whichever usage has the fewer transactions ... and make sure to use a Sched C tax line for the categories of these purchase so that you get the tax implications right.
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