Easier 2FA dialogs for One Step Update

Two-Factor Authentication is a pain in the butt with multiple accounts. EACH account generates a "How would you like to receive your code?" dialog, forcing the user to click the drop-down list, select a choice (usually from a whopping ONE choice anyway), then click <OK>, then use the mouse to change Focus to the "Please enter your code" entry field, then click <OK>. Quicken should at a minimum default to prior session choice, automatically moving to the "enter your code" field, and place the Focus in that field.
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    This is just another reason not to use the unreliable Express Web Connect connection method.  The issue should be a bit better with the Express Web Connect+ connection method but you'll still be prompted to authenticate again at some interval.  I suggest using the Direct Connect or the Web Connect connection method if available instead.  With Direct Connect, you authenticate once.  With Web Connect, you may manage the authentication with the financial institution with your browser and a password manager.