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Please consider adding a toolbar button for Importing .QFX files. You already have one for .QIF but none for .QFX
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    There should be no need to add a toolbar button to Quicken if both Windows and your browser are correctly configured to recognize the .QFX file type as belonging to Quicken. When that's set up, as soon as you finish downloading a QFX file from the bank's website, Quicken should begin processing it automatically. The same applies to double-clicking a .QFX file in Windows Explorer.
    In Firefox, for example, there should be this entry in Tools / Settings / General / Applications:
    And, if Quicken was properly installed, it should have, among others, installed the file type associations for .QFX:

    May I ask why you need to import QFX files manually, and apparently on a regular basis, from your supported US or Canadian bank when an automated process is available using either One Step Update or "Update Now"?