UPDATED 8/3/22 Tags Disappearing from the Register and Tag List

Users have reported that their tags disappear from the register and tag list after installing the Quicken for Windows release R42.8 and running a One Step Update with sync turned on.

The current workaround is to restore a backup that was saved before the issue started, and turn off cloud sync until after the issue is resolved. However, this issue has been escalated internally and is being worked on, though we do not have an ETA on a resolution at this time; we do expect this to be resolved very soon.

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(Ticket #9618058/CTP-4069)
-Quicken Anja


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    UPDATE 8/3/22

    A hotfix for this issue has been released with version R42.21. Navigate to Help > Check for updates to install or download and install the R42.21 Mondo Patch through this support article.

    After installing version R42.21, please be aware that you may need to also restore a backup in order to recover any missing tags.

    Thank you!
    -Quicken Anja