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Please, please, please change the Calendar to NOT display the red negative percentage of change for the day. Please, please, please change the balance to show red if negative and black if positive. Who needs this red negative number all over the calendar the way you have it right now? The Windows version always showed red if your Balance was negative and black if your balance was positive, never the change for the day. I want the calendar to point out to me WHEN I'll have an issue, and that's when my BALANCE GOES NEGATIVE (RED)
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    Hello @RickStevens,

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  • I too want to delete the completely unuseful daily red percentages that show up in the calendar view. How do I do that. It may be thought useful for some situations but it is not for mine. It only serves to clutter up the display. How do I delete it from view?
  • MelissaS
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    Totally agree. Hate seeing red on the calendar as that is usually associated with a negative balance. Totally annoying! Please remove this or at least include it as a setting option that we can turn off. Thanks.