Sorting Custom Asset Classes

I set up custom asset classes to mimic my financial institution's investment statement to facilitate reconciliation. I prefixed each class with a number, e.g. "1.10 Eq Common", "1.20 Eq MF", "1.25 Eq Frgn Common", "1.30 Eq Frgn MF", etc. These are renames of the custom asset classes # 1, 2, 10 and 3. When I use the Investment tab and group by Asset Class it does not use the name to sort the classes. That is, the "1.25" appears as the last group rather than between the "1.20" and "1.30" classes. It would be better if the asset classes applied an ANSII sorting to the customized names. The only fix to this is to reset all of the asset class names and reassign the asset classes. Also, while 10 asset classes currently is sufficient, additional classes would be helpful for the future -- but only 100% useful if the sorting of the groups is address.
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