Enhancement request: Register "Cleared Balance" in register view

mitch cohen
mitch cohen Windows Beta Beta
Currently, registers show (at the bottom) "Current Balance" and "Ending Balance" ... I suggest that there be an addition of "Cleared Balance."  In some of my accounts, I do not download transactions and keep track of the cleared transactions manually (I am avoiding exhorbitant bank charges - Truist charges for Quicken connectivity).  In these cases, I need to see all three:  Current Balance, Ending Balance and (NEW) Cleared Balance.  The cleared balance would allow me to quickly see that the online balance equals the cleared balance, which allows me EASILY to know that I have manually entered all the transactions that have cleared.  This is a very simple change, there is real-estate on that line for this and I would appreciate your vote!
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  • Jim_Harman
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    I changed your post to an Idea so you and others can vote for it.
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  • mitch cohen
    mitch cohen Windows Beta Beta
    Thank you Jim!
  • q_lurker
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    I frequently sort a spending account by Clr status. That presents the R transactions first. The last R transaction should correspond to the bank’s last reconciled statement value. 

    Cleared c transactions are listed next. The last c-status will be your cleared balance. That’s what you are after. 

    The remaining uncleared transaction follow leading to an ending balance. 

    The secondary sort is by date. 

    That’s not to say a cleared balance at the bottom isn’t desirable, but to offer a simple path to your desired info.