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It would be great if there were support for integration with AppleScript and/or the Shortcuts app, to allow automatic creation of new transactions (at least as a good starting point). I would love to be able to automate entry of receipts I get through email, as a key example for me.
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    AppleScript is basically dead technology. Apple disbanded the AppleScript team about 6 years ago, and while it hasn't removed AppleScript from the operating system, I don't think any software developer is spending time building new AppleScript capabilities not their software.

    Shortcuts have been evolving, just landing on the Mac with Monterey last year and evolving to the new App Intents framework Apple unveiled in June. But Shortcuts and AppleScript are different, in that AppleScript is more like a full programming language, while Shortcuts aim to break down automation into simple steps. I think it will take more time for Shortcuts to continue to evolve and for a large percentage of users to be running a Mac operating system which can run Shortcuts. I'm not familiar enough with the architecture to understand what an app developer like Quicken would need to do to make the program integrate with Shortcuts. 

    While I do think it makes sense to open Quicken Mac to useful Shortcuts, especially if it's not a huge time-consuming process, I will also note that the developers still have a long list of feature requests for things Quicken Mac simply cannot do yet; ease-of-use refinements are often relegated to the back burner because they're not viewed as the biggest needs for the program. 
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    Dov said:
    I would love to be able to automate entry of receipts I get through email, as a key example for me.
    Could you give us an example of such a new transaction, please?
    Is this something like your regular monthly electricity bill (which can be automated using Scheduled Transaction Reminders)?
    Or is it something else where just starting a new transaction and selecting a previously used Payee Name wouldn't help speed up the process?