Track cash back and points

Would be great to automatically download the amount of cash back or points available to redeem in my account for each of my credit cards.
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  • jacobs
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    @hurwi There's an existing Idea thread for such a feature in the Quicken Windows part of this forum, and you might find it helpful to read the comments in that thread about the logistics of such a feature.

    As discussed in that thread, aside from whether tracking points which have different values would prove to be worthwhile, there's a fundamental problem that there's no industry standard for reporting account balances or transactions for loyalty points. For financial transactions, there are industry standards, and that's what makes Quicken's downloading of transactions feasible. To implement this for cash back and loyalty programs, I think it would require Quicken to individually develop code for login and downloading, and to reach agreements for each program, one at a time — which I think goes far beyond the company's scope and capabilities. 
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  • hurwi
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    That thread seems a lot more complex than my request. I don't need linked accounts, ledger entries or ways to forecast points or their value. Simply a value in each credit card account showing the number of points or cash back available for redemption.
  • jacobs
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    @hurwi Got it. But even so, I think the central issue is that there is no standard in the financial services industry for electronically sharing such data, where there are standards for sharing transaction and account balance data. It's fine to ask Quicken for such a feature; I'm only saying I don't think there is any infrastructure in place to do it.
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  • GrtHands
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    You already have my account sign-ins for accounts, How about adding any points or cash that those accounts have? Like my Capital One card has 24,000 points (just saying) or my AAA visa has $200.00 in cash. It would be nice to see that in Quicken with the downloads?
  • Jon
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    I edited your suggestion title to be a bit more descriptive so it would be easier for others to find in the future, you'll get more votes that way.

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