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It is possible to create a category group and use it as a budget item, but there is not any way to display it in a report.

It would be great to create a Category Group and then have the ability to expand and collapse the group in the report. This feature could be turned on and off.

This would allow the amount spent in the Category Group plus the categories beneath it.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    This is not exactly what you are requesting, but take a look and the obscurely named but surprisingly flexible Banking > Cash Flow by Tag report.

    Set the Date range and Column as desired.

    Click on the gear to customize the report and set Rows to Category and Organization to Category Group.

    You can double-click on the values to see the underlying transactions. 
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  • Scooterlam
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    There are a number of standard Quicken reports than can be configured to show organization>category groups in Banking, Spending, Business and a few in Easy Answers.  Image 1. 

    Only the "Current Budget" and "Historical Budget" reports are capable of displaying category groups AND expand/collapse functionality, that I am aware of.

    Which report(s) are you needing to have Category Groups added with collapsible structures?   Perhaps you can be more specific about your need? 

  • DANixy
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    It is not so much the expandable option that I am looking for it is the contents of the report.

    I cannot find a report that gives me:
    Income - SavingsGoals - Expenses = Amount

    The budget graph sort of does this, but not well. I want a report similar to the Income/Expense report. Something that subtracts the SavingsGoals from the Income.