How can I see a time chart by month of my brokerage account totals? (Q Mac)

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I have quicken deluxe verion 6.8.3 for macOS 12.5.


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    This may be what you're looking for. Click the Reports tab, then Quicken Reports > Net Worth > Net Worth by Month. When the report comes up, click the Edit button. Set the date range you want and click Selected Accounts. Click Clear All, then scroll down and click the Brokerage group.

    This will create a numerical report. You could export this report into Excel or Numbers and pretty easily generate a chart.

    Or... Go to the Brokerage group in the sidebar and Portfolio tab. Then click the "1y" button just above the graph. This will show you a graph of values by month for 1 year. The "6m" option will also show by month. Shorter than that will display by week or day. You can view a 3 year period, but that will only show breaks quarterly. 
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