How do I ensure a Payee always gets the same category

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I run a Canada edition (Windows 11 Home). The payee name on my downloaded transactions always varies for the same Payee due to a varying prefix before the name (used by Canadian banks). For example payee "Mountain Barn" will be "C-idp Purchase-1631 Mountain Barn" and next time may be "C-idp Purchase-1515 Mountain Barn". I set up a renaming rule to always rename to "Mountain Barn". In the memorized payee list I have one "Mountain Barn" categorized to "Coffee Shops". Will this ensure that from now on all of these transactions will have the correct name and always categorize to "Coffee Shops"? Right now I have a mixture of "Coffee Shops" and "Clothing" as categories.


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    That sounds like the right way to address this problem. Also make sure that you don't have two or more entries for "Mountain Barn" in your memorized payee list. You want to keep the one that uses Coffee Shops as the Payee.

    In addition, it sounds like you may be automatically accepting downloaded transactions. To avoid problems like the one you describe it is best to review each downloaded transaction rather than blindly accepting thm.
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