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I often realize I forgot to add some info to the last transaction I entered. But because I enter data in large chunks, with many days between entries, that may have been many calendar days or weeks ago (screens back). I know there are many ways to get back there; I use them. However, I would love a button which would take me to the last recorded transaction in that account.
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    If, while entering many transactions, you sort your account register "by Order entered", then the last and all other more recently entered transactions would be right next to each other at the bottom of the register.
    To sort "by order entered", click the Action gear icon, Sorting options, by order entered
    To return to your normal "by Date" sort order click the Date column header.
    BTW, if you add "Sorting options" to the register's action bar, you'd have an icon available, saving you a mouse click.
    Repeat the action bar update for each account register where you'd like to use the sort function