Need to be able to tag - Investment accounts Transactions

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I have notice there seems to be no way to tag investment-cash transactions.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    You can add Tags to Deposit, Withdraw, and WriteCheck transactions by putting a slash (/) after the Category name and then entering the Tag.
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    So I have investment accounts and I have set it up to show cash in checking account.

    I tried (your suggestion) within the associated cash account to put tag after category but Quicken gives a pop up error message that I should go to the associated investment account and edit the transaction.  Issue is the account and transfer account are greyed out (can't change) and my category account (within the associated cash account) is the link transfer.

    Thus it appears I can't do that on this particular account.
  • Jim_Harman
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    Are you trying to add a Tag to an automatic transfer from an investing account to its linked account, a DivX for example? I don't think that is allowed.

    If it is an ordinary cash transaction like a Withdrawal, you should be able to enter the transaction in the linked account's register and add the Tag there.
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  • Chris_QPW
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    The reason you can't get to the category when using the Income action type is because with except of the Miscellaneous field they are all hard coded to a given category.  As the Dividend field will use the _DivInc category.  As such you don't have access to the category line to change it.

    I tried it with Miscellaneous and setting the category to _DivInc/Tag and it did work, but it did have bit of strange behavior.  The tag didn't transfer to the other account.  I had to add the tag there too, but it didn't give any errors and the reports seem to be correct.   Note that the Action in an investment transaction report will be MiscIncX not DivX.
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