BMO Duplicate Transactions on Download

Rich Burke
Rich Burke Member ✭✭
Ever since the last update transactions are consistently duplicated and unmatched on my BMO Harris download, very aggravating to have to manually delete already cleared transactions and manually match downloaded transactions to already entered trans. I have tried to re-set the account but to no avail. Any ideas?

Quicken Premier
Version R42.21


  • Kernard
    Kernard Member
    edited August 18
    I have the same issue with Discover downloads, and sometimes Amex. [Removed - Disruptive/Off Topic]
  • RogerD445
    RogerD445 Member
    I have had problems with BMO for about a month but no similar problems with other accounts. When I update BMO downloads for the last few thousand days; 4619 days the last time I updated. It also shows an "online balance" that is different from the "online balance" I get from BMO's web site. This has happened several times.
  • Rich Burke
    Rich Burke Member ✭✭
    Its still a mess, every day I have duplicate transactions, unmatched transactions. Is there a way to get Quicken to acknowledge or report the bug?
  • Rich Burke
    Rich Burke Member ✭✭
    Any ideas how to get quicken to respond or suggest how to address?