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Now that we finally have RSU wizard (BIG THANK YOU!), can we get a performance unit (PU) wizard? Pretty much the same as RSU except it would display PU Added / PU Vest etc in the Action AND PUs are granted in one year and awarded / vested over a number of years based on (and adjusted for) the company performance in each year.

Employee might be granted 500 performance units in 2022 and, if the company performed well (i.e. 110% of plan) in 2022-23, then the employee is awarded 550 shares in 2023 instead of the target 500. If company performance was, say 90% of play, employee would receive 450 shares.

I can now use the RSU wizard for PUs until this is added, but it's a bit confusing since in the register it says "RSU Vest" and "RSU Added" for PUs.
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