Reports: ability to Check Off Items on a report

I am an intermediate + user of Quicken. I have 30+ accounts and 6+ real estate accounts. I am working on my taxes. I am comparing my Quicken Real Estate P&L to the P&L Provided by my property manager. It is hard to keep track of what I checked on the computer screen. to compare items (becuase some are different and some are the same, I have to print both and use my screen for the details.
Create a mechanism whereby the Quicken RE P&L can be displayed as a work copy where similar to balancing my checking account, I can mark things off and balance my P&L to the property managers version. It doesn't have to be a balancing tool, as much as a tool where by on the screen I can annotate expense on the QUicken report (and optionally the details) which ones I've compared and balanced or show out of balance.
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