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Brad L Vandermoon
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first of all let me say ... as a former windows quicken user, i love quicken mac.  it is way better than the windows product.

one feature i really like is to be able to click on the sidebar heading "investing or brokerage or retirement" and see the "dashboard" for all accounts in that grouping.  quicken decides where to put those accounts.  i'd really like to be able to decide.  by separating the account type from the grouping, i could put "managed accounts" in a separate sub group of say "retirement".  i could then see the "dashboard" breakdown for all "managed accounts" separate from the whole "retirement" group.  

this is a request to allow me to control/set/add the group where an account shows up in the sidebar. 
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  • jacobs
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    @Brad L Vandermoon There are two existing Idea threads which may be of interest…

    This one was requesting an alphabetical sorting option for accounts in the sidebar. The developers marked it that they decided not to do so, but that "the team is working on possible custom grouping in the future" — exactly what you're asking for. 

    This one is is still active, requesting the option to re-order accounts in the sidebar. Depending how they might implement such a change, it may or may not provide the flexibility you're seeking in your request above. You may want to add your vote and comment to that thread, since it already has some momentum.
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  • Brian97
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    I would like to see this functionality as well. A use case would be allowing me to create a 'Rental Investments' category and then having the ability to move any rental investment accounts under this category in the sidebar, whether it was associated rental savings, checking, loans, or individual property values.