Is there a way to turn off "auto recalculate", as you can do in Excel, to improve performance?

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When I download online banking transactions, accepting each individual entry takes 10 seconds or so, which adds up quite a bit when large numbers of transactions are involved.

It is beginning to render Quicken impractical to use (couple hours spent to update in a given session).

I've tried other suggested options, but to no effect (file validation, turning off memorized transaction checks). I do not want to archive my history and start with a new smaller file because then I'd lose historical reporting, which defeats a primary purpose of using Quicken.

Any help appreciated.
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    Slow performance?

    How much RAM do you have installed on your computer?

    What version of Windows are you using?

    After Quicken has been started, what does Windows Task Manager show about "% Memory" usage and "% Disk" busy of your C: - drive?

    I have recently upgraded an abysmally slow Windows 8.1, Quicken Subscription laptop from 4 GB RAM to 8 GB RAM and the computer now performs very well. I no longer see "96% Memory usage" combined with "100% C- drive busy" just trying to do something, anything on the computer.