Option to calculate & display Market Value % of a security based on one account only


Under Investing, then Portfolio. Quicken have the option to customize current view to add a column to display Market Value (%) of a security calculated based on entire portfolio (e.g. if I have multiple RRSPs, TFSAs, LIRA, Investment account etc.). This make it difficult to perform the rebalancing of a security within an account. The market value % calculation for a particular stock is not based on total market value of a specific account only; but it based on the entire portfolio of all accounts.

It would be nice to provide an option to display the calculated market value % of a security based on total market value of a particular investment account only, and display the % for the security within that one investment account only.

thanks for your consideration
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  • Jim_Harman
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    One way you can do this is to click on Customize in the Portfolio view and on the Accounts tab, select just the account you are interested in.
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