Downloaded transactions "Uncategorized" even though there is a matching rule (Q Mac)

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I recently diligently went through my transactions that were Uncategorized and made sure I had rules for them so that when downloaded they would get the correct category. But if often doesn't work. Many of my downloaded transactions do not get categorized correctly even though I have a rule. Is this feature just buggy?




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    @radcapitalist When you're saying it doesn't work, are you saying that when a transaction downloads from your financial institution, it imports into Quicken but doesn't reflect the category in your rule? If so, the first thing I'd want to know is whether the Payee name is identical in the downloaded transaction and the QuickFill rule you created. Sometimes a downloaded Payee name can have an extra space or otherwise be spelled/formatted sightly differently, resulting in a QuickFill Rule not applying.  If you have a QuickFill Rule for "Home Depot" and your downloaded Payee name is "Home Depot Inc." or "Home Depot #1234" or "HomeDepot", they aren't an exact match. (Renaming rules are a separate tool designed to solve that problem.)

    If you think that's not the problem, can you post a screenshot of one of the downloaded transactions, and of the QuickFill rule for that Payee?
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    I am having a very similar, yet different issue. I too have matching rules ignored--but furthermore, I have transactions where despite manually changing the category from uncategorized to something else, it will change it back to uncategorized next time I download transactions for the account. It doesn't matter whether there is a naming rule or not. I have sync turned off, by the way.
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