Chase Migration - transitioning accounts to a new connection method.

It seemed to work, I logged into chase, it showed me which accounts are being migrated, then I go back to quicken to "link" them. However, I get asked to do this every time I open or update quicken. It is like groundhog day.


  • Keith Davis
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    MORGANUCI Member
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    I too have this problem. It's been happening consistently for several days since I did the migration. This issue of being prompted to perform the migration every time I try to update is not addressed in [Removed - Windows Link], as far as I could tell.
  • JRod
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    It totally messed up my accounts. I had to select the existing accounts to link to in the process. However, beware as it will download months of data and duplicate and change existing transactions causing loss of balances, transaction categories and transfers to different accounts. It's been a nightmare. I've had to restore from backup and just enter transactions manually instead of online downloads. It now takes more time and Quicken should develop a better way to give us control of what the downloaded transactions do or how far back one wants to go.
  • BobPe
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    I haven't seen Quicken respond to any thread regarding this issue. Has anyone?
  • gsakal02134
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    I just had a similar experience. I followed the online instructions, and a new account was created with all my prior transactions. Many categories were missing, or incorrect, and all the "Labels" were gone. Further, the balance includes the "Pending" transactions, so the new account register was off by the total of those transactions.

    I restored from a backup, and then updated. When prompted to update the Chase connection method, I chose "Do this later". Transactions were successfully downloaded into the existing Chase account. I'll continue to skip over the conversion as long as I'm able, hoping that Quicken and Chase get their **** together to make this the seamless transition that it really needs to be.
  • JRod
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    As others have stated, I am afraid all other institutions are moving away from Direct Connect to this connection method.  Hope they fix this or modify to avoid causing chaos for people with years if not decades of data this messes up.