Chase Quicken Balance Column not correct

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The new Chase Express web connect updated in Quicken today and the transactions are all there Charges and Payments, but the Balance column of quicken is now working in reverse. All Charges reduce the balance and all payments increase the balance. The account is listed as a credit account. The online balance in quicken shows correctly but the ending balance has no relation to the balance since transactions back to the beginning of time are all reversed. Transactions are all listed in the correct Charge or Payment column .


  • Tom Young
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    A change in the Account's Opening Balance - an event that's recently been reported in connection with "downloading" - might explain what you're seeing.  Is the opening balance for that Account correct?
    The balance for a credit card Account normally is a "credit" (as accountants use that term) and in Quicken should show up as a red number with a minus sign in front of it.  If "something" throws that balance into a "debit" (as accountants use that term) then purchases properly entered into the "Charge" column will reduce that balance and payments properly entered into the "Payment" column will increase the balance.  Could that be what you are seeing?
  • joeymitch2
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    Thank you for the reply Tom. The opening balance is some bogus payment amount i don' t know where it came from (perhaps the reported issue you mentioned) I did a calculation to add that amount back into my current ending balance and subtract uncleared transactions and it does tie back to the correct online balance. I think the only left to do is change that opening balance to 0.00 and I should be back in balance.
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