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I believe it would be beneficial to have the "Low" and "High" $ amounts displayed in the 'Projected Balances' area under the 'Bills & Income' tab.
I think it would be cleanest for the amounts to be displayed next to the account name in the bottom of the box, after the "color filled circle (that associates with the color of that bar in the graph) 'account name'" and then it could be followed with a "'L: $xxx.xx' and a 'H: $xxx.xx'".
This would provide a quick and easy account review and projection, especially while viewing multiple accounts at the same time.
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  • UKR
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    Hmmm ... you mean to say that eyeballing the Projected Balances graph and looking for warning triangles in case an account may go below $0.00 is not good enough?

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    You can also set up high and low balance Alerts in Quicken at Tools > Alert Center > Banking
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