Investment Transactions - Matching Funds with Different Identifiers

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I have multiple accounts for retirement purposes at my employer - for simplicity, let's just assume there are two, A & B. I have the exact same investments included in each account, so same funds, different balances.

One issue I have is that when I'm downloading the account activity, it appears the feed from the provider is sending the transactions for account A with one holding identifier and then transactions for account B with the same fund, but different holding identifier (it appears the CUSIP ID field is what differs), same fund name, different CUSIP ID

What Quicken does is "matches" the transactions in account A with the information sent for account A. Then, when I subsequently try to add activity for account B, Quicken wants me to identify the holding again (because the CUSIP ID is different). This changes the matched security to whatever was sent for account B and then later when I go back to get new activity for account A, I have the same issue again in reverse.

This is a major pain in the rear. The only way I have found to help with this is if I go unmatch every security included in the two accounts (before opening the register) and then matching the securities. But, then I have to do this literally everytime there's a new transaction in either account. If you just close the matching window, they then show up as "Unidentified Security".

Has anyone encountered this before and what did you do? I don't know if the provider is sending the information incorrectly? (seems odd to me the CUSIP number would differ for the exact same fund). Does Quicken have some magic functionality somewhere that allows me to match more than 1 holding to a security?