Message re update Chase accounts

I received the following message when I logged in: Attention Required:
Update your Chase accounts

Your new Chase connection is ready for your banking, mortgage, and credit card accounts!

Quicken has partnered with Chase for a faster, more secure connection. Once you complete your transition to the new connection, you can expect fewer download errors and a more reliable service.

Update your Chase connection now - it just takes a few minutes*

To update now:

Start a One Step Update
When prompted, choose Update Connection
You'll then be automatically taken from Quicken to the Chase website where you'll enter your Chase credentials.
After signing in, grant your approval to allow Quicken to access your Chase accounts
You'll then return to Quicken to finish reconnecting your accounts.
You will need to update by September 26th, 2022, when your Chase accounts will no longer be able to connect. (If you have already updated your Chase connection, no further action is required and you can ignore this message).

*If you also have a Chase investment or retirement account, don’t update yet; they are not quite ready – we will let you know when they are, and you can update everything at once.

I'm puzzled, since I have no Chase accounts. Anyone else experiencing this problem?


  • Quicken Anja
    Quicken Anja Moderator mod
    Hello @jdshield,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your question.

    This message was sent to everyone, even if you do not have Chase accounts set up. If you don't have any Chase accounts, you can disregard this message and uncheck the "Remind me later" checkbox that should be located on the bottom-left of this message before closing it.

    I hope this helps!
    -Quicken Anja
  • Kirsch
    Kirsch Member
    I have this issue too. There is no "remind me later box" to uncheck so I get the message every time I open quicken. Somewhat irritating. :-/
  • relyon59
    relyon59 Member
    edited September 3
    I use Quicken for MacOS with the Menu Bar located at the bottom, and had to relocate it to the side just to see and uncheck the "Remind me later" checkbox, then relocate the Menu Bar back to the bottom where I prefer it.

    All to avoid seeing a popup regarding a Chase account I don't have. [Removed - Profanity]

    [Removed - Speculation]
  • John Waers
    John Waers Member ✭✭
    On my 13" MacBook Pro, the "Remind me later" checkbox was not visible. By entering Full Screen mode in the Quicken menu bar, the checkbox was accessible. The Chase account message no longer appears.
  • David Turner
    David Turner Member ✭✭
    The update for Chase is a disaster for me. I have six Chase accounts going back multiple years, When I followed the instructions, I was not allowed to Link accounts, so I ended up with duplicate accounts, I went back to a backup and started over. This time, I de-authorized all my existing Chase accounts first and was able to Link accounts, but this time I ended up with semi-duplicate transactions for the last three months, I call them semi-duplicates, because many had different payees, including a Citibank account that was irrelevant. Going back and trying to correct all the transactions is a much bigger task than just doing manual entries from 9/1/22 (my latest clean backup) Is there ANY place I can find a good set of instructions that also prevents having duplicate accounts and transactions??
  • RCLA
    RCLA Member
    Like others. The "remind me later" button was hidden below my quick launch menu. You either have to maximize or re-size the window to see it. But once I found it and unchecked it, the pop-ups seem to have stopped.
  • patfen
    patfen Member
    I'm getting the messages about Chase migration, but I don't think I have a Chase account. Is this a general message, or does Quicken know more than I do? How do I see what account they're seeing?
  • lhossus
    lhossus SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    To see if you have a Chase account connected to Quicken:
    - Go to Quicken's menu bar and select Accounts > Hide and Show Accounts...
    - Examine the Financial Institution column of the window that appears.

    Tip: you can sort on the Financial Institution column.

    Note: if you have a store credit card that is issued by Chase, that also would be impacted by this migration.

    But don't worry over much about this: when your time comes, Quicken will pop up the migration initiation dialog for the specific account(s) to be migrated. At this point you will know what accounts are impacted.
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  • Why am I receiving the "Chase connection" message when opening my Quicken application? I am not a Chase customer! Please advise.
  • rpgarrett75703
    rpgarrett75703 Member ✭✭✭
    It's a general message. Everyone will get it regardless of whether you have a Chase account or not. This was pointed out by a Quicken Support Moderator in another thread.
  • uku
    uku Member ✭✭✭
    I received a message concerning updating Chase accounts. However, as far as I know I do not have a Chase account. why did I receive this message?
  • dapopme
    dapopme Member ✭✭
    Re David Turner (9/3) comment: why hasn't quicken provided a standard procedure to handle the Chase update. I allowed the chase download & ended up with a disaster: new account names, 90 days of
    UNDUPLICATED data to reconcile. I been using Quicken for 26 years & you guys have screwed-up big time with this change-over. The least I would expect from Quicken is a step by step procedure to handle Chase's update download!!
  • dr343
    dr343 Member

    Initial detail of the Problem. I am Extremely disappointed with Quicken… it has not functioned properly since May of 2022 .. tired of calling the helpdesk… The new version I paid for in November of 2021 has been problematic. I would like to find out when Quicken will be fixed – as bank has indicated that the Quicken has been working on issue since May of 2022.
  • 49783ssm
    49783ssm Member
    I too have received this message and do not have a Chase Account. When I attempt to find the check box to end receiving the message, i cannot change the size of the message so the check box will appear. Have already minimized the bar at the bottom of the screen and moved it to the side. This is really annoying.
  • BWhite25
    BWhite25 Member
    John Waers, thank you for your suggestion. It solved the problem for me.
  • Donnette
    Donnette Member
    I use a MacBook Air. I've tried the suggestion to move the Menu Bar to the side so I can find the Remind Me Later button to uncheck but it still doesn't show up. Any other suggestions? This is VERY VERY annoying. I have 2 Quicken accounts I manage and every time I move between them I get the message. Can't Quicken FIX THIS EXTREMELY ANNOYING problem. I have the Canadian version of Quicken and I doubt many Canadians use Chase so why are we being subjected to this!!!
  • stmimi1
    stmimi1 Unconfirmed, Member
    This message has frozen my computer, I can not close it, or my Quickens. I have turned my computer off and back on and it is still there. How can I get rid of it. It simply dings whatever I click on
  • stmimi1
    stmimi1 Unconfirmed, Member
    Fixed by problem. Had another add behind the Chase, closed that one and everything fell into place.
  • Amaronee
    Amaronee Member
    Quicken Anja, checking the "Remind me later " box does not help. The pop-up simply returns next time, to remind me later! It did not change behavior at all. I even went into Quicken and disconnected the Chase account! STILL the notice is popping up. Please help.
  • steve84
    steve84 Member
    To see the "Remind me later" text I had to change the resolution of my MacBook to make the text much smaller, and put more text on the screen. Then I could see and uncheck it, and put my resolution back to where I want it.
  • Jo-E-D
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    edited September 17
    Ok, Quicken. Can you just disable the message so we aren't continually bombarded with it at each opening? [Removed - Speculation] I received a message from Chase before Quicken sent this annoying notice. I've done as suggested and clicked on the "Remind me later" box and closed it, only to have it reappear each time I log on. If people haven't updated their accounts, there's definitely enough help out there that can lead them to the way to update their account. Actually, Chase does an excellent job of walking you through it.
  • jacobs
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    Jo-E-D said:
    Ok, Quicken. Can you just disable the message…
    I'm just letting you know you aren't talking to Quicken programmers or executives in this forum. ;)

    When you get the window when you open Quicken, do you click on UN-check the "Remind Me Later" checkbox and then you click on the "Close" button in the lower right? If you close the window by clicking on the red close icon on the upper left of the window, it doesn't process the change of the checkbox; you have to click the Close button on the bottom right to update the state of the reminder. 

    If that's what you're doing and it's not working, the only ways to talk to Quicken about it are:

    (1) use Help > Report a Problem to describe that you're still getting the Chase message each time you relaunch — but you won't get any response from this one-way communication; or

    (2) try calling Quicken Support after the weekend and see if they can work with you to find some way to disable the box. It seems like most users have successfully stopped seeing the message after doing what's described above, so if that's not working for you, then perhaps they can do something else, or document it for escalation. 
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